Bible Q&A


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1. Where will the Body of Christ be in eternity?

2. Who inherits the New Jerusalem?

3. What is the faith OF Christ?

4. What does “saved in childbearing” mean? (1 Tim. 2:15)

5. Why did people live to be over 900 years old before the flood?

6. Is the Body of Christ in the book of life?

7. Why did Paul say he was an able minister of the NT? (2 Cor. 3:6)

8. What does “saved” mean in the 4 Gospels?

9. Was the mystery hid in the OT?

10. Can those who reject Christ get saved after the rapture?

11. Is God sovereign in the details of our lives?

12. Why did God allow the fall?

13. When was the fall of Lucifer?

14. Can you answer these objections to the Gap Theory?

15. Can you explain 1 John 3:9?

16. Do people go to hell with their sins forgiven?

17. What does “baptized for the dead” mean? (1 Cor. 15:29)

18. What is the dispensational context of the Gospel of John?

19. Is John 14:1-3 about the rapture?

20. What about “Easter” in Acts 12:4?

21. Was Christ crucified on “Good Friday”? pt.1

21. Was Christ crucified on “Good Friday”? pt.2

22. What does “approved unto God” mean in 2 Tim. 2:15?

23. Is prophecy being fulfilled today?

24. Who are the 24 elders and why do they cast their crowns?

25. What are the crowns Paul mentioned?

26. Does God chasten believers today?

27. Does the Bible teach the earth is flat?

28. Does the Bible teach Geocentricity?

29. Who is the synagogue of Satan?

30. Who is the Israel of God?

31. Who is the wild olive tree? (Rom. 11)

32. How do you reconcile Acts 3:19 with 1 Jn. 2:12?

33. What about alcohol?

34. What is the everlasting gospel?

35. Will the lost be annihilated?

36. What about Acts 28 Dispensationalism? pt.1

36. What about Acts 28 Dispensationalism? pt.2

37. How is Abraham our father?

38. What is the “day of Christ” in 2 Thess. 2:2?

39. When did the Body of Christ begin?

40. Are there two different Gods in the OT and NT?

41. Who are the sons of God in Gen. 6?

42. What does Paul mean by “accursed” in Gal. 1:8-9?

43. Why did Paul baptize?

44. Why was Paul baptized?

45. Can you explain Rom. 2:16?

46. Is the Trinity a biblical doctrine?

47. What about secondary issues?

48. What if Israel had repented?

49. Should we pray for healing?

50. Does God work in the circumstances of our lives?

51. If God heals today, how?

52. Can you explain Jn. 20:22-23?

53. Who is “Mystery, Babylon?” 

54. What are the mysteries in the book of Revelation? 

55. What is the “law of liberty”? 

56. What is the “law of Christ”?

57. What was the “unknown tongue”?

58. Have the signs ceased? 

59. Is God doing anything supernatural in this age? 

60. Can you explain spirit, soul, and body?

61. What about “soul sleep”?  

62. Should Christians vote?

63. Did Paul say anything about hell? 

64. Is 1 John 1:9 written to the Body of Christ?

65. Is Revelation 2&3 written to the Body of Christ? pt.1

65. Is Revelation 2&3 written to the Body of Christ? pt.2

66. Why do so few see right division?

67. Should Women be Silent in Church?

68. What about head coverings?

69. Can you explain Lk. 17:21?

70. What about Christmas? 

71. Who wrote Hebrews?  

72. Did J.N. Darby invent Dispensationalism?

73. was C.I. Scofield an evil man?

74. Is cremation wrong?

75. Can you explain the parable of the fig tree (Matt. 24)? 

76. Is Gen. 9:25-27 a racial prophecy?

77. Did the witch of Endor bring up Samuel?

78. What about chastening and the Lord’s supper?

79. Can you explain 2 Cor. 6:17-18?

80. How do we reconcile Matt. 23:9 with 1 Cor. 4:15? 

81. What is the unpardonable sin? 

82. Eternal security in OT/Tribulation?

83. Can you explain 1 Cor. 5:5?

84. Once saved, always saved?

85. Is grace a “license to sin”

86. How can our resurrection occur after the “first resurrection”?

87. Will there be animal sacrifices in the kingdom age?

88. Did Paul preach the gospel of the kingdom?

89. Does God call preachers today?

90. Are OT/Kingdom saints still in the heart of the earth?

91. Can you explain Matthew 27:52-53?

92. Where do believers before Abraham fit in?

93. Did the Body of Christ begin with Adam?

94. Should we use the word “Christian”?

95. Can you explain John 9:13?

96. Must we ask Jesus to come into our heart?

97. Will Little Children be Raptured? 

98. What about “Holy Week”?

99. What about fasting?

100. What does “believed in vain” mean in 1 Cor. 15:2? 

101. Is Jesus Christ the Father?

102. Can you explain John 18:36?

103. Can you explain Matt. 24:22?

104. Does 1 Cor. 6:2 mean we will reign on earth?

105. Should we anoint the sick with oil?

106. Unclean animals before Moses?

107. Is 1 Pet. 3:21 about water baptism?

108. Is Paul talking about Jews in Eph. 1:4-5?

109. Could more than 8 people have been saved from the flood?

110. Is Col. 3:25 about the Judgment Seat of Christ?

111. How can we identify a false convert?

112. What about Ordination?

113. What is the “Testimony” in Ex. 16:34?

114. No inheritance? (1 Cor. 6:9; Gal. 5:21; Eph. 5:5)

115. Was Paul saved in the gospel of the kingdom?

116. Was Ezek. 37:1-14 partially fulfilled in 1948? 

117. Does 2 Thess. 2 refute the Pre-Trib Rapture?

118. Is 1 Tim. 5:24 about the Judgment Seat of Christ?

119. Does Mk. 16:9-20 belong in the Bible?

120. What did God promise to preserve in Ps. 12:7?

121. Can you explain Acts. 26:22?

122. Can you explain Acts 28:20?

123. Why did Paul talk about the kingdom?

124. Does the church have the authority of Matt. 18:18 today?

125. How do we walk in the Spirit?  

126. Are the “last days” Paul spoke of the same as in prophecy?

127. How do we refuse Preterisim?

128. Should we be involved with social issues?

129. Who are the other sheep in Jn. 10:16?

130. What was the result of Stephen’s prayer in Acts 7:60?

131. Is Enoch a picture of the rapture?

132. Who will eat of the tree of life?

133. Does Matt. 22:30 mean there won’t be marriage in the Kingdom?

134. Can you explain Acts 13:48?

135. Can you explain 1 Tim 5:12?

136. Can you explain Luke 2:18?

137. Can you explain Prov. 16:4? 

138. Was the rich young ruler Saul of Tarsus?

139. Is there a contradiction between Acts 9:7 & 22:9?

140. Can you explain Rev. 22:18-19? 

141. Does 2 Pet. 3:15 prove Paul wrote Hebrews?

142. Can a person get saved in a denominational church?

143. Why does God allow people to go to hell?

144. Did the Jewish apostles still teach the Law after Acts?

145. What is the firmament?

146. Why “scriptures of the prophets” in Rom. 16:26?

147. Is Rev 4:1 the rapture?

148. Are you in the “Grace Movement”?

149. What is the best study Bible?

150. Who is the nation in Matt. 21:43?

151. Is there a difference between “by faith” and “through faith”?

152. What is a “dispensation”?

153. Are there connections in dispensations?

154. When should I leave my church?

155. What if I can’t find a church?

156. Is the gift of discernment for today?

157. What does “one born out of due time” mean?

158. What does “he led captivity captive” mean?

159. Can we be “born again” today?

160. How should we deal with depression?

161. Do you have any book recommendations?

162. Should believers confess sins?

163. What about the Coronavirus, COVID-19?

164. Covid-19 and the mark of the beast?

165. Should Churches Cancel Services due to COVID-19?

166. Are we in the “beginning of sorrows”?

167. Is Paul’s gospel in Isa. 53?

168. Is it wrong for Christians to own guns?

169. What’s more important than knowing right division?

170. How do we reconcile Matt. 10:5 with 28:19? 

171. Was Luke a Jew or Gentile?

172. Can you explain Ps. 146:4?

173. Does Paradise move locations?

174. Are we the Bride of Christ?

175. Can a believer “depart from the faith”? 

176. Who “shall mingle themselves with the seed of men”?

177. Where is USA in Prophecy?

178. How did the OT make Timothy “wise unto salvation”?

179. Can you explain Luke 22:35-36?

180. Is 2 Thess. 1 about the rapture?

181. Who are the 144,00?

182. Who is a Hyperdispensationalist?

183. What is the “Lord’s day” in Rev. 1:10?

184. Why “charity” in the KJB?

185. How do we know what applies outside of Paul’s epistles? 

186. How are Gentiles partakers of Israel’s spiritual things?

187. Will the Body of Christ be present at the 2nd coming?

188. How can we know when the Body of Christ began?

189. How do we answer the Rom. 16:7?

190. How do we answer 1 Cor. 15:9 argument?

191. How do we answer the Gal. 1:23 argument?

192. How do we answer the 1 Cor. 1:12 argument?

193. How do we answer the Acts 11:15 argument?

194. Is numerology biblical?

195. In what order did Paul write his epistles?

196. When will the two witnesses prophecy?

197. Were the Gospels originally written in Hebrew?

198. Can you explain Eph. 2:19-22?

199. Can you explain “both theirs and ours” (1 Cor. 1:2)?

200. Did Paul also write to the little flock in his epistles?